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Each legal case is unique, tell us more about your needs

Each case is individual, and must be considered and evaluated on its own terms. Share with us the information about your case via email, phone or using the form.

We’ll evaluate the information and get back to you promptly to let you know if we can help, and the next steps to take in case you want to move forward for a consultation or instruct us.

+30 2310 284408 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Leoforos Nikis 1, 54624, Thessaloniki

+49 30 88702382 (Berlin, Germany)

Unter den Linden 10, 10117, Berlin Mitte (HQ)
Schlüterstrasse 37, 10629, Berlin Charlottenburg

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You are welcome to visit us in our international law offices in Thessaloniki and Berlin

Thessaloniki, Greece

Aerial view of Leoforos Nikis in Thessaloniki at Sunset


Leoforos Nikis 1
54624 Thessaloniki

[email protected]

+30 2310 284408

Berlin, Germany

Aerial view of Berlin Mitte at Sunset

Berlin Mitte (HQ)

Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin

Berlin Charlottenburg

Schlüterstrasse 37
10629 Berlin

[email protected]

+49 30 88702382

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a lawyer: what do I have to know?

How long will it take for you to resolve my legal case?

Every case we have is unique. Each case is unique because the case facts and people involved in the cases are always different. Since the case facts and parties involved in the cases are different, the time it takes to resolve them are also different. The time it takes to resolve your legal matter will depend on the legal outcome you want, the work that needs to be done on your case, the parties involved in the case, and the extent to which the local government and authorities are involved in the case.

Can you give me an estimate of the cost of my legal fees before I sign a legal services agreement with your law firm?

Yes, we will give you an estimate of how much your legal fees will be if we work on your legal matter. Our fee quotation is an estimate based on the time, work, and legal costs (e.g., court costs, notaries, translations) we think are needed to resolve your legal matter.

Can you tell me the exact total cost of my legal fees before you take my case?

No, we cannot tell you the exact total cost of your legal fees before we accept your case. We can give you a legal fee quotation that we think covers the cost of our legal services. The fee estimate does not cover unexpected complications in the case.

Can you guarantee me a specific legal outcome?

We cannot guarantee you a specific legal outcome. The outcome will depend on many factors specific to your case. Before you agree to work with us, we will discuss the details of your case and potential legal remedies. While we can guarantee that we will do everything possible to get you the legal outcome that you want, it is not possible to guarantee the outcome.

When working on your case, we will keep you updated on what is happening in different aspects of it, keep you updated on any complications in your case, and explain how case complications may affect the desired outcome. In addition, as we work your case, you may continue to make informed decisions about how the case is handled at each step in the process.


Leoforos Nikis 1 – 54624 Thessaloniki, Greece
[email protected]
+30 2310 284408

Berlin (Mitte, HQ)

Unter den Linden 10 – 10117 Berlin, Germany
[email protected]
+49 30 88702382

Berlin (Charlottenburg)

Schlüterstrasse 37 – 10629 Berlin, Germany
[email protected]
+49 30 88702382