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About the law firm

Dikigoros: Greek Lawyer

Dikigoros is the professional title for a Greek lawyer who is admitted to the bar in Greece. When Greek lawyers practice law abroad, they retain the professional title of the home country, even when they acquire a different one.

As in Germany and all other countries, people turn to a Greek lawyer when they need legal advice or representation before a court or other institution.

Except in special cases, you should contact a Greek lawyer if you need legal advice in Greek Law or want to be represented in court in Greece. A Greek lawyer is also indispensable if you want to buy a house in Greece if you need translations or notarization of documents or assistance in tax matters and all cases related to inheritance law in Greece.

It is always recommended to choose an experienced and reliable lawyer. However, if you need a Greek lawyer (Dikigoros), our best advice is to choose a real international one. Not only in terms of experience with international law but also in mindset.

Working with an international lawyer, not just a Greek one, helps to overcome misunderstandings and language barriers and allows one to deal with a person who shares one’s culture and way of approaching legal matters, business and, ultimately, life.

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Unique International Service

A German-Greek lawyer for all your international legal matters

Leptokaridou Law Firm is an international law firm active in Greece and in Germany. Ms. Leptokaridou is a Dikigoros (Greek Lawyer) and a Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer). She is admitted to practice law in both Greece and Germany. Ms. Leptokaridou and her law firm are the ideal contact point for all international clients who need a lawyer expert in Greek law and German law.
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International Lawyer in Greece

We assist German people and companies, Greeks living abroad and foreign nationals looking for a lawyer in Greece.

Companies will especially benefit from our international experience and expertise and can conduct their business in Greece simply and straightforwardly.

The same applies to people who want to invest in Greece, people who want to buy a house and people of Greek descent who were born abroad or have been living abroad for a long time and need to settle certain legal matters in Greece smoothly.

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Greek Lawyer in Germany

We are the go-to solution for all Greeks living in Germany who are looking for a Greek lawyer abroad and for a German lawyer able to speak Greek.

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German-Greek Lawyer

Practicing in both Greece and Germany, we specialize in all international matters and cross-border cases involving Greek and German law, and represent our clients before the courts of both countries.

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International Mindset

We are an international law firm, not local lawyers who speak foreign languages.

We live in an international and multicultural environment and are experts in overcoming misunderstandings and language barriers. As an international client with us, you can rest assured that you will find people who share your cultural values, mindset and lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Greek Lawyer: FAQ

Who does your law firm provide legal representation to?

Leptokaridou Law Firm is an international law firm with offices in Greece and Germany.

At Leptokaridou Law Firm, we are particularly experienced in representing international and German people and companies in need of a lawyer expert in Greek law and Greeks in need of a lawyer in Germany.

Due to our dual admission to the Bar in Thessaloniki and the Bar in Berlin, we specialize in all international matters and cross-border cases involving Greek and German law and represent our clients before the courts of both countries.

In which areas of law do you specialize?

We support our clients in numerous areas of Greek and German law, both Greece and Germany.

People turn to us if they want to buy a property in Greece, in matters of inheritance law in Greece and all cases of international family law (divorce, maintenance, custody) involving a Greek citizen.

We also assist companies in matters of commercial and corporate law and advise, in particular German companies wishing to do business in Greece.

We have particular experience in dealing with international matters and naturally facilitate communication between people from different countries.

We offer legal advice and representation in German, Greek, English and Italian.

We live in daily contact with the culture of these countries, understand their dynamics and mentality and are therefore able to behave ideally in any context.

How much does a Greek lawyer cost?

As in Germany and other countries, a law sets the minimum fees a Dikigoros must charge. Then there are upper limits set out in the Greek Civil Code.
In general, however, lawyers are given a great deal of leeway to freely agree on their fees with a client, depending on the nature of the work to be done, the time involved, the difficulty of the case and other factors.

When you contact us, you will always receive a detailed quote and can decide whether or not to accept it.

In many cases, however, it is unfortunately impossible to know exactly how much your lawyer will cost in advance, as it is not always possible to determine the number of activities to be carried out and the complexity of the process.

Is one Greek lawyer worth another?

In our opinion, no. And based on our experience, we advise you to find a lawyer who is not only competent and whom you can
trust, but with whom you can easily communicate and build a relationship.

Dealing with an international lawyer used to dealing with people from different countries, whose language, mentality and culture he knows, will make it much easier for you to conduct your legal proceedings quickly and efficiently.

In international cases, choosing a qualified person to practice in both countries is also important.

Law Office Leptokaridou is an expert in Greek and German law and represents its clients before courts in Greece and Germany, offering advice in German, Greek, English and Italian.

* The information on this site is provided for the sole purpose of illustrating the subject matter. It in no way constitutes legal advice nor a substitute for individual legal advice provided by counsel. Each case is unique, presents unique circumstances, and should be evaluated in detail by an attorney who will verify its specific circumstances.

We are here to help you with your international legal matters in Greece and Germany

Contact us if you are looking for an international law firm in Greece and Germany that can support you with both Greek and German law.

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