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Greek Real Estate Lawyer and Property Solicitor

Whether you want to buy a property in Greece to live in, or you are looking for investment opportunities, as a Greek real estate lawyer and attorney, I will guide you through the whole process of buying a property in Greece avoiding problems and worries!

Many people dream of buying a property in Greece because they love the Greek sun and lifestyle. Others are investors attracted by the relatively low real estate prices and bargains offered by the real estate market, or by the opportunity to apply for a VISA for Greece when buying real estate.

Greek real estate law provides an important role to real estate lawyers and attorneys in Greece in the purchase and sale of real estate in Greece.

As lawyers we will contact the buyer’s attorney and request copies of the deeds relating to the property to be sold to verify the titles and confirm that the property is free of any liens, legal encumbrances or liabilities. Verification of the titles to the property takes place at the local land registry office where the property is located. The buyer’s lawyer will go there and perform all the necessary checks to ensure the regularity of the process and then give his consent to proceed with the purchase.

We then advise the notary on drafting the deed and accompany you to his office for its execution. Suppose you cannot be present when the contract is signed at the notary. In that case, a lawyer can also sign the act on your behalf, acting as your legal representative.

Finally, as your real estate lawyer we will take care of the last critical step required to finalize the transfer of ownership of the property. Under Greek real estate law, the transfer of ownership of property only occurs when the deed is registered at the local land registry in the name of the purchaser and never before.

The role of an attorney is also crucial when a property owner dies in Greece and their real estate assets are distributed to their heirs according to the terms of their will or, in the absence of a will, according to Greek inheritance law.

Settling an inheritance often requires going through legal and bureaucratic procedures, especially in cases of multiple heirs or disputed wills.

It’s common for heirs to seek legal assistance to navigate these complexities, especially for non-residents inheriting property in Greece, as the process can be more challenging due to the additional cross-border legal considerations.

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Our Real Estate Law Services

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Greece

Leptokaridou Law Firm offers comprehensive real estate services for those wishing to buy, sell, rent, develop or invest in real estate in Greece.

The firm is based in Thessaloniki but supports international clients purchasing property throughout Greece, including islands.

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Buying a property in Greece

We take care of all the details involved in buying real estate in Greece and ensure that the transfer is completed as safely and cost-effectively as possible.

We will carry out all the necessary checks to ensure that the property you wish to purchase is free of legal encumbrances and that there are no third party claims on the title.

We will draft or review all purchase and sale agreements to protect your interests. Once the sale is completed, we will register your new property with the Land Registry to formalize the transfer of ownership.

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Sell property in Greece

We will assist you throughout the process of selling a property or house in Greece, carrying out all the appropriate research and drafting all the relevant contracts to ensure you are as protected as possible at every stage.

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Leasing Real Estate in Greece

There are many types of real estate leases. When setting up leasing agreements, you want to make sure that your interests are protected, and that you don’t lose your land rights and privileges because of a poorly written contract or a tenant who exploits a legal loophole.

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Property Management in Greece

We manage your property in Greece on your behalf. Using a property management service in Greece is a common practice for people living in another country who have purchased property in Greece as an investment or summer residence.

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Real Estate Trusts

We help you set up trusts so that your real estate holdings can be managed and smoothly transferred to other parties. Setting up trusts can be a complicated matter and mistakes can affect the viability of the trust, ownership of it, voting rights of the owners, and when it can be liquidated. Our legal professionals can give you personalized advice on how to set up your trust so that it achieves its intended purpose.

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Landlord/Tenant on Property Disputes

Problems and disputes can arise between a landlord and a tenant renting a property, land or building.

Often, the landlord and tenant will discuss the problem and come to an amicable solution. When that’s not possible and one of the parties is suffering financially as a result of the dispute, it’s time to call an attorney.

We are experienced in tenancy disputes in Greece and can defend your rights and interests in a dispute with your counterpart and assist you in communicating your positions and ideas to the other party on your behalf.


Invest in Real Estate in Greece

If you are considering investing in real estate in Greece, our firm is equipped to offer comprehensive and specialized services designed to facilitate every aspect of your investment journey. Our team is committed to ensuring that your venture into Greek real estate is both profitable and seamless.

Here is an overview of the extensive services we provide:

  • Investment Budget Evaluation: We begin by assessing your investment budget to recommend the most suitable locations for your real estate investments in Greece, ensuring alignment with your financial goals and market opportunities.
  • Document Preparation Guidance: Our experts guide you through the preparation of all necessary documents required for acquiring property in Greece, simplifying the legal complexities involved in international transactions.
  • Property Analysis: We meticulously analyze the properties you are considering to ensure they meet your investment criteria and potential for appreciation.
  • Negotiation of Agreement Terms: Our team engages directly with sellers to negotiate the merits of the purchase agreement, striving to secure the most favorable terms for you.
  • Tax Number Issuance and Bank Account Setup: We facilitate the issuance of a Greek Tax Number with the competent authority and assist in opening a Greek bank account, which are essential steps in the property buying process.
  • Legal and Financial Appointments: We appoint reputable notaries and accountants to handle the financial and legal aspects of your transactions.
  • Power of Attorney (PoA) Drafting: We draft a PoA for all necessary actions related to the property acquisition, ensuring your interests are represented without requiring your constant presence in Greece.
  • Contractual Agreements: We approve promissory agreements and negotiate with sellers and their proxies to safeguard your interests.
  • Due Diligence: Our due diligence extends to examining property title deeds, checking for burdens, liens, confiscations, and third-party rights at the competent Land Registries and Cadastral offices.
  • Transaction Coordination: We maintain communication with realtors, sellers, notaries, and lawyers throughout the transaction process, ensuring smooth and coordinated execution.
  • Document Review: We thoroughly review notarial documents and drafts, as well as sellers’ certificates, approving them only when they meet our stringent standards.
  • Transaction Representation: We attend and represent you during the signing of the conveyancing agreements to ensure that all legal formalities are correctly followed.
  • Translation Services: We provide oral translation in English during the signing of documents to facilitate clear understanding of all proceedings.
  • Property Registration: Post-purchase, we register the property with the tax authorities and the competent Land Registry or Cadastral Office.
  • Property Management and Renovation: We appoint expert Property Management and Renovation Teams to maintain or enhance the value of your investment.
  • Rental Management: We can rent out your property, draft and sign lease agreements with tenants, and register these leases with the tax authorities.
  • Ongoing Support and Annual Management: Our commitment extends beyond the purchase, as we offer continuous support and conduct annual property management to ensure your investment remains in optimal condition.
  • Tailored Services: Additional services are available upon request to meet specific needs or challenges you may encounter during your investment journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Read frequently asked questions about buying real estate in Greece

Our greek real estate FAQs cover all the essential topics: from buying, selling, and managing properties, to understanding the investment landscape. We address property disputes, the importance of dedicated legal representation, and offer comprehensive services for both residents and those abroad. Trust our expertise for all your Greek property inquiries.

Is Greek real estate a good investment?

Investing in Greek real estate can offer plenty of opportunities and good returns.

Greece boasts beautiful landscapes, historic cities, and a thriving tourism industry, making it an attractive destination for investors seeking rental income or long-term capital appreciation. But, as with all investments, it’s not possible to give an absolute answer without considering specific situations and the complexity of the market.

The success of a Greek real estate investment depends heavily on factors like location, economic stability, and legal considerations – understanding Greek property laws and regulations is crucial for foreign investors, as navigating bureaucracy can be challenging.

While the rental market can be promising in tourist hotspots, and popular tourist areas tend to provide better rental income, it’s essential to research local trends to ensure there is demand for your chosen property type.

Buying a house in Greece to rent out can be a very rewarding investment, but of course it requires caution and strategy on the part of the landlord. For example, you may find yourself involved in rent or tenancy disputes in Greece, and it is not always easy to manage them when you live far apart.

Before making any purchase decision, the condition of the property should also be thoroughly assessed to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

Ultimately, investing in Greek real estate can be rewarding, but it requires careful planning, local expertise, and a clear understanding of both the potential rewards and risks.

Can foreigners buy real estate in Greece?


EU citizens can buy property in Greece with virtually no restrictions since 1990 when the market opened. However, some restrictions remain for non-European citizens, who must show proof of ties to the nation or submit additional documentation confirming intent to use the property.

Besides as an investment, buying real estate is a popular option among non-European to obtain a golden VISA in Greece, and therefore a resident permit.

Is it safe to buy property in Greece?

Yes, buying a house in Greece is completely safe, especially if a competent person and a trusted Greek real estate lawyer follow you.

Greece is a safe country, but some precautions must be followed when deciding to buy a house in Greece.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the property’s condition before entering into a purchase agreement and to make sure that legal encumbrances do not encumber the property and that the other party has the right to proceed with its transfer.

The ideal way to carry out these checks is to appoint a lawyer you trust and not rely on lawyers proposed by real estate agents or builders. Only a personally appointed lawyer has as his mandate the legal protection of the buyer and will act to defend his interests without being accountable to anyone else for his actions.

Do you need a lawyer to buy and sell a house or a property in Greece?

Greek real estate law provides an important role for lawyers in purchasing and selling real estate.

The lawyer checks the seller’s title deeds to ensure that there is no legal defect, that the owners’ continuity before the sale has not been broken in the past and that all previous sales contracts are legitimate.

The lawyer also verifies that the property for sale is free of legal encumbrances, mortgages, seizures or claims by third parties.

The seller’s and buyer’s lawyers are also present when the sale deed is notarized.

The property’s real estate agent/developer already has a lawyer who can also handle the practice for me. Can I trust them?

No, you shouldn’t! In a delicate transaction like buying a property, you must turn to a lawyer whom you trust and whose sole mandate is to defend your interests, not those of any of the other parties.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases in Greece of foreign nationals suffering complications or being scammed by malicious people. Hiring your lawyer will ensure the proper verification of the property and its legal status, drafting a valid purchase contract to present to the notary, and registering the property with the land registry office.

The seller’s and buyer’s lawyers are also present when the sale deed is notarized.

I want to buy a house in Greece. Can you handle the entire process?

Yes, our law firm can accompany you through the entire process of buying a property in Greece.

First, suppose you still need to find a property to buy. In that case, we can advise you on the most suitable location for your needs and evaluate the offers available on the market.

Once you have identified the property you wish to buy, we will gather all the necessary information and documentation to ensure that the purchase process is legally risk-free. Then, together with our professionals, we inspect the property to establish its condition and evaluate it accurately.

We negotiate the purchase price for you with the seller and, in cooperation with a trustworthy notary, ensure that the money transaction goes through.

I own a property in Greece but live abroad. I am looking for someone who can manage it. Do you also handle property management?

Yes, our law firm also handles property management in Greece on behalf of people living abroad.

After helping you draw up the best possible lease agreement for your house in Greece, we will collect the rent on your behalf and transfer it to your bank account in the manner you specify.

Should any conflicts or disputes arise in connection with the property, we will act promptly to enforce your legal rights.

I own a house in Greece but live abroad most of the year. While away, my neighbors illegally entered the property and damaged it. Can you help me?

Yes. First, we will get in touch with these neighbors on your behalf to warn them not to continue with the behavior that is damaging your rights and try to bring the matter to a close without further complications.

If this is not enough, we will take the case to court to force the person in question to stop the detrimental behavior and pay compensation for the damage he has caused you.

I want to sell my property in Greece. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. We can help you evaluate the property, prepare a sales contract, and work with real estate agents to find a reliable buyer to complete the transaction safely.

Selling a house in Greece is a delicate matter from a legal point of view, but with our assistance you will be protected from any inconvenience that may arise.

Keep this in Mind!

What to know about Greek Real Estate Law

Greek Real Estate Law

Greek real estate law regulates the relationships associated with property in Greece. It, therefore, deals with the purchase or sale of a property, donation and parental donation, creation and usufruct of property, acquisition by extraordinary succession, mortgage, etc.

The provisions on property law in Greece are mainly contained in the Civil Code and apply in combination with the provisions on contractual obligations regarding donation, sale or lease, for example.

The contract of sale of a property in Greece must be notarized. Therefore, the transfer of ownership of a property is only deemed to have been concluded once it has been entered in the registers of the land registry or the cadastral office.

The Greek Cadastral Office

All information regarding a property in Greece is registered in the land registry office. The land registry office is where title deeds and any existing liens on the property are checked.

These records are not digitized and are often poorly organized, so it is very important to seek legal advice to verify the titles associated with a property.

Verifying property titles in Greece

Property law in Greece provides that property can be acquired by a person who has had possession of an object, movable or immovable, for 20 years.

Given this peculiarity of Greek law, it is essential for the homebuyer to conduct a thorough investigation of the seller and the previous owners, going all the way back to the original title. Only by establishing that every sales contract that took place in the past is legal does one eliminate the risk of someone coming forward claiming to have rights associated with the property.

Power of attorney in Greece for the purchase or sale of a property

Since people who buy or sell property in Greece often reside abroad, the law provides that the contracting party living abroad may appoint a representative. The delegated representative can deal just with the preparatory process or manage the entire buying and selling process through a power of attorney, including the conclusion of the contract.

A power of attorney may also be executed abroad by going to the Greek consulate competent for the region where the residence of the person living abroad is located. The consulate, however, does not take care of drawing up the notarial power of attorney, which a lawyer usually prepares.

New Greek Property Laws

In 2023 and 2024, Greece introduced several significant changes to its property law and tax regulations aimed at stimulating the real estate market, improving tax fairness and curbing tax evasion.

Key developments in Greek property law and taxation include the introduction of Law 5073/2023, which introduced a number of tax provisions aimed at the real estate sector.

In particular, the law requires the mandatory use of bank payments for all real estate transactions in order to ensure transparency. Notarial deeds that do not comply with this rule will be considered invalid, underscoring the government’s efforts to combat tax evasion.

Updated regulations have also introduced a new tourism tax and revised rules for short-term rentals. These measures are part of Greece’s broader strategy to manage tourism growth and its impact on the local economy and housing market, and are aimed at the climate crisis resilience duty and the deduction of building renovation costs from personal income tax.

From 2024, tax changes for property owners and the short-term rental market will be introduced to simplify the process of transferring or acquiring property and increase tax fairness. Property owners who operate more than two properties will be treated as entrepreneurs, requiring compliance with a specific regulatory framework.

Finally, it should be noted that VAT has been suspended until the end of 2024 on new buildings with a building permit issued after January 1, 2006. This suspension is part of the government’s strategy to stimulate construction activity and real estate sales.

* The information on this site is provided for the sole purpose of illustrating the subject matter. It in no way constitutes legal advice nor a substitute for individual legal advice provided by counsel. Each case is unique, presents unique circumstances, and should be evaluated in detail by an attorney who will verify its specific circumstances.

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