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Our Expertise

Greek International Mergers and Acquisitions M&A Law Firm

We provide legal and strategic advice to companies that want to expand their business in Greece through mergers and acquisitions of Greek companies.

We specialize in advising German and international companies, buyers or investor groups on mergers and acquisitions by representing and supporting them at every stage of the process.

Considering the particularities of the Greek legal system, we provide a detailed framework for international companies wishing to enter this market through the acquisition of a local entity.

We have dealt over the years with partial or full mergers and acquisitions of companies in Greece and the sale of Greek companies to international partners.

Depending on the type of project he intends to complete, we will activate our international network of consultants, appraisers, engineers and architects to ensure you have access to the best possible advice. In addition, your project will benefit from a dedicated team created specifically for the transaction.

We will always be by your side from the beginning to the end of the purchase or sale transaction, working alongside you in the initial planning of the project, designing together with you the offer of purchase or sale, in the contract negotiations with your counterparty, in the preparation of contracts and in any requests to be submitted to the Greek antitrust authority, in case the acquisition of the company results in a company occupying a dominant market position.

We prepare contracts and final reports in English and German when necessary.

In case of issues and breaches of obligations in the purchase agreement, we represent our clients in post-acquisition or post-merger litigation.

We advise international companies that want to expand their business in Greece through M&A.

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Our M&A Services in Greece

Merging or Acquiring a Greek Company

Besides working as corporate lawyers in Greece to assist in setting up a company, we assist investors and international companies that intend to expand their business in Greece through a merger or acquisition with a Greek company.

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Consulting and Assistance

Strategic planning and support during buy/sell negotiations of domestic and international companies, representing the seller or buyer.

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Legal Due Diligence

Carrying out careful due diligence is crucial when purchasing a company to assess and reduce the visible or hidden risks inherent in the transaction. Therefore, we gather all relevant information to bring out the company’s strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities to be acquired.

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Contracts and Documents

Preparation of all documents and contracts: initial letter of intent, non-disclosure agreement, binding or non-binding offer, sale or acquisition agreements.

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Post-merger or Acquisition Litigation

We represent and protect your legal interests in post-acquisition litigation when things go wrong and in cases of breach of obligations under the purchase agreement by the seller.

We assist you in merging or acquiring companies in Greece

Contact us if you plan to expand your business in Greece through mergers or acquisitions.

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