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Corporate Lawyers in Greece: Setting Up a Business and a Company in Greece

Greek corporate law has changed profoundly in recent years. It has undergone a series of reforms to make it more modern and simplify operations for those who want to start a business and open a company in Greece.

At our law firm, we advise investors and international companies that want to set up a business in Greece to ensure they do so efficiently and smoothly.

We will assist you throughout the entire process: from choosing the most suitable corporate form to setting up the business itself and then dealing with issues arising during your company’s day-to-day operations in Greece.

By constantly staying abreast of ongoing developments in the legislative framework, we will alert you promptly in case your company’s operations might run into any legislative problems.

Our international law firm has big expertise as a corporate lawyer in Greece and can help you to open a corporate in Greece, but thanks to its presence in Greece and Germany we are also particularly skilled in establishing Greek-German joint ventures.

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Our Corporate Law Services in Greece

Greek Corporate Lawyers in Greece: we offer services related to setting up and opening a company in Greece, other than facilitating the start of your business in the country.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, investors and international companies who want to open a company or subsidiary in Greece, create a joint venture with a Greek company or start doing business in Greece.
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Open a company in Greece

We support you in opening any company in Greece, ensuring that your company complies with the applicable laws and is established correctly.

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Open a company in Germany

Our Berlin office is the point of reference for Greek entrepreneurs and companies who want to open a business in Germany. By partnering with leading notary firms, we will ensure your company’s establishment in Greece, making sure it happens as quickly as possible.

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Choosing the right legal form

Choosing the correct legal form for a company is the first step in ensuring the proper development of the business in the future. Indeed, both the applicable laws and the relevant tax regime will depend on the chosen corporate form. Therefore, it is very important to take the time to evaluate your options. Then, we will advise you in making the appropriate choice by fully presenting the relevant legal and tax framework.

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Legal consulting

We offer legal advice on setting up a company in Greece to ensure that the articles of incorporation, contracts and activities carried out to comply with Greek law.

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Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance with governing laws is mandatory, and steep penalties may be assessed if companies are not compliant and do not qualify for an exemption. A company must operate within the legal framework governing corporations to avoid civil or even criminal liability.

Therefore, we will carefully assess the current situation to check for any exposure to unknown risks and then take all necessary steps to address any problems that may arise.

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Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are a great way for companies to expand their network, influence, and increase their bottom line. The key to a successful joint venture is making sure that each participant knows, understands, and is able to manage the role assigned to it. This often requires investigation of the partners, reviews of their financial records, and checks for conflicts of interest.

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​​Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The successful integration of a Greek and an international business requires careful planning, strategic negotiation and a deep understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.

Our firm specializes in guiding clients through this complex process, providing expert advice on due diligence, structuring transactions to optimize financial and tax outcomes, and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws to mitigate risk.

By partnering with us, you gain access to comprehensive support designed to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the strategic benefits of your Greek M&A activities, ensuring that your business objectives are met with precision and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Corporate Lawyers in Greece

Why do I need a corporate lawyer in Greece?

A corporate lawyer in Greece is essential for offering specialized legal guidance in making informed business decisions, from legal consulting to choosing the right legal form, other than ensuring regulatory compliance, all while reducing the potential for legal disputes.

I want to incorporate a company in Greece. Can you help me?

Yes. We are here to consult you and offer you corporate, business and tax advice.

We will guide you through every step of the process for opening a company in Greece, starting with the evaluation of the juridical form that your company should have and the best way for you to do business in Greece, which could consist in setting up a franchise, distribution agreements, a branch or subsidiary.

I own or represent a foreign company willing to acquire/merge with a Greek company. Do you deal with this?

Yes, mergers and acquisitions are one of the branches of corporate law we routinely deal with. You can read more in the section on mergers and acquisitions in Greece.

I plan to set up a joint venture with a partner in Greece. Unfortunately, the contracts will be in Greek, and I don’t speak it. How can I proceed?

We will assist you throughout the process, from negotiating the contracts with your prospective Greek partner to drafting them. Before the signatures, we will ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with the contents of the contract and that you have a copy in your language.

What types of companies exist in Greece?

There are several types of companies in Greece to suit different business needs and sizes, from sole proprietorships and small partnerships to large corporations and cooperatives, each governed by specific laws and regulations to suit different business sizes and objectives.

A popular option among entrepreneurs is usually to incorporate a LLC in Greece, which is preferred for small to medium-sized businesses due to its simpler formation and lower capital requirements. Larger businesses, on the other hand, may prefer a Societe Anonyme (SA), which is similar to a public limited company, due to its structure and ability to raise capital through public shares.

Family-owned businesses and small operations may find it advantageous to form a general or limited partnership, which provide a framework in which personal relationships and direct management play an important role.

In addition, the Greek system has a type of single-member limited liability company that is ideal for sole proprietors who wish to enjoy limited liability while maintaining full control over business operations.

For those interested in minimalist operations with a less formal structure, the IKE, or Private Capital Company, offers a flexible and modern business structure with simplified requirements and governance, making it attractive to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Keep this in Mind!

Greek corporate law: open a company in Greece

Start a business in Greece today

The Greek government has recently made many efforts and strides to attract foreign investors and capital to the nation. Thanks to this, recent changes in the Greek legal and tax system have made Greece one of the most promising countries to open a business. In particular, Greece now offers, compared to the past, a well-defined tax framework, the ability to obtain residence permits relatively easily, and a labor cost that is among the lowest in all of Europe.

How to open a business in Greece

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to open a business in Greece due to the great modernization of the Greek legal system and the favorable conditions they can find in the country.

For example, Greece offers various incentives for start-ups, including access to funding opportunities and a supportive ecosystem for innovation.

The process starts with understanding the legal framework for setting up a company in Greece. This includes choosing the appropriate business structure, such as a limited liability company or a start-up, which can significantly affect your operations and tax obligations.

The next steps include registering your business with the Greek Chamber of Commerce and obtaining any necessary permits or licenses specific to your industry.

Setting up a company in Greece also requires opening a business bank account, registering for tax, and ensuring compliance with local labor laws if you plan to hire employees.

Greek One-Stop-Shop Company Setup

The modernization of the legal system in Greece has also simplified the bureaucratic procedures required to open a company in Greece.

Compared to when setting up a company was a long and complex process, today it is possible to open a company quickly and easily through the so-called One-Stop-Shop.

Company opening in Greece can be done today through an online platform, uploading all the required documents and information.

Corporate forms in Greece

The Greek legal system today provides for different corporate forms to enable domestic and international companies to do business in Greece smoothly:

  • Anonymous Company (ΑΕ)
  • Limited Liability Company (EΠΕ)
  • Private Capital Company (IKE)
  • Branch
  • General partnership (OE)
  • Limited partnership

Greek Anonymous Company (AE)

The Greek Anonymous Company is one of Greece’s most common corporate forms. It is a joint stock company and corresponds to the German AG company. From a legal point of view, it is the corporate form with the highest status in Greece.

The Joint Stock Company in Greece is a legal form in which the shareholders are liable in a limited way only for the amount of contributed capital.

A notary public carries out the entire procedure for establishing a Greek Limited Liability Company.

Greek Limited Liability Company (EΠΕ/EPE)

It corresponds to the German GmbH. It is one of the most common corporate legal forms. It constitutes a legal entity separate from the founding partners, with liability limited to contributed capital only.

It is a legal form generally used by small or medium-sized companies for which establishing a Limited Liability Company is unnecessary.

A notary public’s services are also used to establish a Limited Liability Company in Greece.

The Limited Liability Company is structured as a partnership between the participants who own it. Therefore, when decisions need to be made, the number of participants and the value of the company shares they hold are considered in determining the majority.

There are no minimum capital requirements for the establishment of an EPE.

An EPE can be formed by one or more partners, individuals or legal entities. In cases where a single partner owns the entire capital of an EPE, the company is called a single-member EPE, and this wording is included in the company name.

Private Capital Company (IKE)

The Private Capital Company (IKE) is a new corporate form introduced in Greece that can be set up quickly and leanly, requiring a minimum share capital of only one euro.

In a Private Capital Company, the liability of shareholders for corporate debts to third parties is limited.

It can be formed by private agreement and registered with the General Commercial Registry.

* The information on this site is provided for the sole purpose of illustrating the subject matter. It in no way constitutes legal advice nor a substitute for individual legal advice provided by counsel. Each case is unique, presents unique circumstances, and should be evaluated in detail by an attorney who will verify its specific circumstances.

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